TOOB is very happy to announce that it has received a grant from a federal governmentally funded program, the New Horizons for Seniors Program, in the amount of $21,026.21.

While TOOB’s equipment was still functional it had become old and needed either to be repaired or replaced. To date we have used the funds in the following manner:

  1. We have bought new tires and lights, and serviced all mechanical parts on our trailer.
  2. We purchased a new large commercial grill. For many years the Knights of Columbus have allowed us to use their grill, primarily due to the dual membership in KofC and TOOB of Dave Bliss. We wanted to have our own grill.
  3. We purchased a third deep fryer (each with two baskets). It is similar to the two we own but has more power so it heats the oil more quickly. This newer fryer will serve us well at all events, but will be particularly helpful on Sun Festival Monday, when we encounter long lineups for our famous delicious curly fries.
  4. We bought two new 10 x 10 tents so we no longer have to use our 10 x 20 tent. It is too cumbersome to carry, put up and take down. We now have four 10 x 10 tents that are all new or near new.
  5. We purchased three large propane tanks.
  6. We spent less money on the items that we wanted than was originally budgeted. We have asked the NHSP administrators to allow us to use the balance of the funds to purchase two 12 volt refrigerator/freezers to replace our old ice chests, and to apply a small balance towards a recent purchase of hats and shirts that we made.

Special thanks to Dave Bliss, our Vice President and acting Arch Bastard, for making all of the arrangements for the purchases.

A big thank you to the New Horizons for Seniors Program for recognizing and supporting the valuable role that TOOB plays in our community.