Buddy, TOOB's Unofficial Mascot

Buddy was adopted from the South Delta Shelter in May 2010, and the vet estimated his age at one year. Reportedly, he had been tied up and abandoned at Winskill Park.  

TOOB Mark Robbins was looking to adopt a dog and spotted Buddy, a white Boxer, in the Shelter on his second or third visit. It was love at first sight. They said he might be slightly hard of hearing (common in white boxers): He turned out to be totally deaf, but it made no difference to either. They were pals for life (and it never stopped Mark from talking to Buddy).  

The Shelter had named him "Bobby," which Mark and his wife Bene felt was pretty lame; so they settled on "Buddy," which was not too far off from "Bobby." Then Mark's friends complained that "every dog is named Buddy, so he quickly clarified that the dog's full name was actually "Budweiser Budinski," and "Buddy" was his nickname. At the time, Mark had joined the TOOB Executive whose monthly meetings were held in the evening at the home of Arch Bastard Dave Bliss and his wife Elaine—both avid dog lovers. Notwithstanding their lovely white carpets, Dave and Elaine insisted on letting Buddy in, and in time he became a “regular” at TOOB meetings.

Mark is the proud owner of an unrestored but running bright yellow 1948 Ford pickup truck, which became a perfect match for the TOOB in the annual SunFest Parade. For more than 10 years, unofficial TOOB mascot Buddy has ridden “shotgun” next to Mark in the Parade down 56th Street, always attracting lots of oohs and ahhs from the children along the route.

Buddy was looking forward to SunFest 2024, but, sadly, his advanced age caught up and he passed on May 19, 2024. Budweiser Budinski will be missed by many, especially Mark.