What is a TOOB Member?
A TOOB member is a volunteer. Volunteering for TOOB gives you the opportunity to donate your gift of time & to apply your abilities, skill & experience in areas of your interest at TOOB fundraising events.

What are expectations of a TOOB member?
a) To be an active, participating member.  Specifically, to assist annually for a minimum of two shifts, at any TOOB fundraising event.
b) To attend one meeting a year. Specifically, TOOB’s Annual General Meeting.
c) Members volunteering as an Executive or Director will attend monthly meetings..

Why become a TOOB member?
It is only by having an active & participating membership that TOOB is able to succeed at fundraising events in the community.   Being a member you will work alongside other like-minded people who are also volunteering their time, skills and resources. 

What does a volunteer do at a TOOB event?
A team of TOOB executives spend countless hours to plan, organize, purchase, schedule,recruit, etc.
On the day of the event, volunteers are assigned to work shifts in areas which include:
- to set up (& take down) 
- to cook (grillers, friers) 
- to take order (cashier)
- to serve
- to man condiments table

Are there other volunteer opportunities?
- serve as an Executive or Director
- administer website
- photographer