TOOB Serving in the Community

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Boundary Bay Cleanup Project

A TOOB Team of six members volunteered to grill and to serve the hungry participants at the end of this community project.

The annual Beach Cleanup Project sponsored by Ian Paton took place on Saturday June 22nd.  Over forty volunteers showed up and worked hard to clean debris along the shoreline of Boundary Bay.    It was a good day for organizers and all who attended.  Thank you to all participants.

A TOOB Team will be present
on Friday July 12th
to serve at the annual picnic for Delta Comunity Living Society (DCLS) 

Please RSVP to DCLS by June 24th.
For details on this fun packed family event, go to


  • Our membership is aging and the ‘good legs’ are not working as well.  
    Our organization is in need of ‘young retirees/seniors’. 
  • We welcome you, your friends and neighbors to consider becoming part of TOOB.
  • We encourage you to become a member to discover what we do and how we do it.
  • We need new members who are wanting to give back to the community by volunteering with us as we continue to serve our community.

 Per the words of
Foster Richardson, 
past A.B./President

"Two things you can be sure of when you help out at our fundraisers,the pay is not great but the satisfaction sure is!